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Ten Digital Developments Attracting Our Attention in 2015

July 3, 2015 .

At Native we love to debate the impact of the big developments affecting our sectors. Whilst our opinions and interests are diverse, we all agree that the following ten developing trends are worthy of attention:

Big Data: Big Data continues to evolve at a rapid pace and we are finally seeing the required focus on, and evolution of, real time technologies and platforms that are allowing businesses to successfully utilise Big Data insights to drive strategy.

Brand Humanisation: Brands are expected to act like humans, to have personality, to deliver tailored content, to provide an experience, and most of all to build relationships.

Native, Visual Content: The power of well-executed visual content on the consumer continues to predominate. Brands becoming the architects of innovative, cross platform visuals are leading communications in 2015.

Integrated Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is no longer the sole concern of the Marketing department. Organisations are realising how to leverage the knowledge of all their departments to drive digital communication.

Mobile-first: Mobile is still a work in progress, but organisations universally agree that a mobile strategy is now a necessity rather than an optional extra. With more consumers than ever engaging with brands through their mobiles, all content needs to be optimised to create an engaging and consistent brand experience.

The Internet of Things: From the obvious gadgets such as the Apple watch to the less obvious such as the refrigerator, every product is getting smarter. Consumers now expect the added extras that come with being connected.

The Sharing Economy: The digital-sharing business model pioneered by successful brands such as AirBnB and Uber has caused much debate and disruption across a variety of sectors, but is the real impact of ‘Uber-fication’ yet to be seen in consumer behavior?

Digital Disruption in the C-Suite: Digital, and especially data, is no longer the sole responsibility of one member of the C-Suite. The shift from having a digital strategy to having a strategy that is digital means that all members of the C-Suite must now assess how digital fits into their function, and how to proactively use it to drive their organisations forward.

Wearables: Wearable tech has switched from a novelty to a concept with genuine appeal to the masses. Interestingly, we are beginning to see real discussion about the further application of wearables outside of personal use, with big moves being executed from Google, Samsung and Apple.

Crowdfunding: Statistics are predicting that crowdfunding is on track to account for more investment than venture capital by 2016. More people than ever are voting with their money, and there are some stunningly successful businesses benefiting.

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